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Welcome to RacedroneSoft, home of Betaflight Configurations Manager & BlackBox Viewer

Latest updates (CM)

(vs 1.35) Betaflight V3.5/(V4) support, added the NEW FeedForward settings
(vs 1.33) Betaflight 3.3 support, added support for ImmersionRC Synergy FC's (Vortex 150/180)
(vs 1.30) CLI interface (new), more GUI options, added support for Spektrum iX12
(vs 1.20) Changed AntiGravityGain scaling for 3.2
(vs 1.19) Fix DShot/Proshot idle for 3.2
(vs 1.18) Minor GUI changes
(vs 1.17) Betaflight 3.2 supported
(vs 1.16) High CPU demand after disconnect, Solved
(vs 1.15) New Tab (CLI dump Snapshot/Restore), Led color quick change

Latest updates (BBV)

(vs 1.37) Added FeedForward plots & AutoUpdate fix
(vs 1.36) Added support for Betaflight V4 logs
(vs 1.34) Fix for some 3.3.3 logs
(vs 1.33) Added RCcommand in deg/s, Gyro in syncr with RCcommand
(vs 1.32) KISS FC logs (OpenLog) support added

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Short News

Supporting BF 3.3.x, with saved configurations automatic migration.
Support for ImmersionRC Synergy FC's
Support for Spektrum iX12 Android TX

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