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Welcome to RacedroneSoft, home of Betaflight CM, EmuFlight CM & BlackBox Viewer

Latest updates (EMU CM)

(vs 1.10) App became FREE
(vs 1.09) Added Support for EMU 0.4.0
Including : DTerm ABG Filters, EMU Gravity, VBAT PID compensation
(vs 1.08) Added Android 11 support
(vs 1.07) Added VTX Control
(vs 1.06) Added Craft & Flying Style Presets
(vs 1.05) Added Support for 0.3 & 0.3.1
Including : DTerm Filters by axis, SPA by axis, Rate Dynamics, smart_dterm_smoothing by axis, witchcraft by axis, Gyro Filters by axis, Gyro Dynamic Notch
(vs 1.04) Added SPAs to profiles
(vs 1.03) Added IMUF by axis & minor corrections
(vs 1.02) Added Support for 0.2.x
Motor Output Limit, Feather PIDs %
Splited EMUBoost & EMU limit

Latest updates (BF CM)

(vs 1.40) App became FREE
(vs 1.39) Added Android 11 support
(vs 1.38) Betaflight V4.x support, added more/new filters
and parameter explanations, other minor corrections
(vs 1.35) Betaflight V3.5/(V4) support, added the NEW FeedForward settings
(vs 1.33) Betaflight 3.3 support, added support for ImmersionRC Synergy FC's (Vortex 150/180)
(vs 1.30) CLI interface (new), more GUI options, added support for Spektrum iX12
(vs 1.20) Changed AntiGravityGain scaling for 3.2
(vs 1.19) Fix DShot/Proshot idle for 3.2
(vs 1.18) Minor GUI changes
(vs 1.17) Betaflight 3.2 supported
(vs 1.16) High CPU demand after disconnect, Solved
(vs 1.15) New Tab (CLI dump Snapshot/Restore), Led color quick change

Latest updates (BBV)

(vs 1.44) App became FREE
(vs 1.43) Added Android 11 support
(vs 1.42) Small fix for BF V4.x Logs
(vs 1.40) Added Preset Graphs
(vs 1.39) Added Support for EmuFlight
(vs 1.38) KISS FC Logs Update
(vs 1.37) Added FeedForward plots & AutoUpdate fix
(vs 1.36) Added support for Betaflight V4 logs
(vs 1.34) Fix for some 3.3.3 logs
(vs 1.33) Added RCcommand in deg/s, Gyro in syncr with RCcommand
(vs 1.32) KISS FC logs (OpenLog) support added

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Short News

Supporting BF 3.3.x, with saved configurations automatic migration.
Support for ImmersionRC Synergy FC's
Support for Spektrum iX12 Android TX

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